Co-operative Funeralcare’s Michelin tyres comments anything but grave news

6th August 2012

Leading UK-based funerial director Co-operative funeralcare has heaped praise on the performance of Michelin tyres across the firm's vast fleet of vehicles.

The company fits the tyres to 80 per cent of its 1,500 automobiles, with this number rising sharply following years of success with the French compound manufacturer.

Co-operative funeralcare currently runs around 880 funeral homes up and down the UK and as such, requires a reliable brand of tyre that offers excellent performance and endurance in equal measure.

According to Terry Jarvis, the head of transport at the firm, the company's current compounds do exactly that.

"We have certainly noticed the longevity benefits that the Michelin tyres provide, and using tyres which last longer not only saves money in the long-run because we are replacing fewer tyres, but is also more eco-friendly," he said.

"Over the past five years we have been getting good wear out of the Michelin tyres, which is why we are now fitting the majority of our fleet with them."

The business's fleet currently operates on a mix of compound types produced by the company, including Energy Saver and Primacy tyres which vary anywhere between 15 and 19 inches in size.

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Posted by Danielle Barge