Michelin advises Arval about correct tyre pressure

3rd January 2013

Correct tyre pressure was top of the agenda for Michelin during the Fill Up With Air roadshow at Arval, as staff checked the tyre pressure and tread depth of 151 employee vehicles. 

Events have occurred annually for the past for years in conjunction with Michelin, which offers advice and raises awareness of various tyre-based issues.

An impressive two-thirds of employees' tyres tested were either at the correct level or less than seven psi under inflated. The first event held at Arval in 2008 saw only 38 per cent of tyres with the correct or appropriate tyre inflation levels and tread depths – a legal minimum of 1.6mm.

The number of cars found to have dangerous tyre pressures has also decreased in the past four years. Tyres that were more than 15 psi under-inflated dropped by three per cent in four years.

This drop could be down to the presence of a Michelin Man air-line at the Arval head-office in Swindon. For visitors and staff at the Arval Centre, the tyre pressure gauge can be used free of charge.

“Working with Michelin on the regular Fill Up With Air events and installing the Michelin Man pressure gauge on-site has really helped driver awareness of the importance of correct tyre pressures,” Tracey Scarr, Arval’s Fleet and Road Safety Manager, said: “This is shown by the positive results we are seeing.”

The purpose of holding the annual events was to make sure that employees were made fully aware of the benefits that a simple measure such as inflating tyres can offer. Services are offered to all Arval employees, regardless of whether they drive for the business or not, at the events. All tyres are checked over by an independent expert.

ATS Euromaster also offer free tyre safety checks at any of their centres nationwide. They can also give expert advice on the best tyres for your vehicle.

Ms Scarr went on to describe additional programmes that Arval, a leader in the provision of vehicle funding and fleet management solutions, offers to its staff.

“Through our ongoing driver safety programme, we give our employees a great deal of information and support, and initiatives like this provide further examples of how we can help them to reduce their road risk. Tyres are a crucial element of vehicle maintenance. Properly inflated tyres make drivers safer and can also reduce their fuel consumption.”

The importance of checking and adjusting tyre pressures was emphasised by Ms Scarr, saying that while it is a simple and straightforward task, it is often ignored by many drivers in the UK.

“At Arval we are keen that all of our colleagues are as safe as possible on the roads, whether they are driving for business or pleasure, which is why we continue to support and educate all employees.”

Michelin’s key account manager for Arval Paul Brady said he was pleased that there has been a continued improvement of results since 2008. Since the programme began, Michelin has examined 736 vehicles.

“It goes to prove that the effort the business is going to in developing safety awareness among drivers is really paying off. Arval is setting a fantastic example and we would encourage other companies to follow suit.”

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