Michelin announces it will provide tyres for Gulfstream G280

26th November 2012

When people normally talk about tyres it's in the context of cars, motorbikes or bicycles, but Michelin has been aiming higher with its latest partner.

The arm of the business which makes tyres for aircraft, Michelin Aircraft Tyre, announced that the Gulfstream G280 will be making use of its Michelin Air X radial tyres.

Michelin Aircraft Tyre Company's director of original equipment Bob Pointon made the announcement at the National Business Aviation Association convention.

He said that the company was "proud to be the tyre of choice on the new G280" and explained that the company is "committed to providing innovation and safety".

Mr Pointon was keen to remind his audience that the company's "radial tyres are designed to provide a long tyre life and exceptional performance".

The company also pointed out that the tyres are designed with flexible casing which allows for "smooth taxiing, takeoffs and landings" to make passengers' journeys more comfortable.

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Posted by Danielle Barge