Michelin boost in winter tyres highlights ‘change in motorists’ behaviour’

winter 16th January 2012

More UK drivers are beginning to realise the benefits of winter tyres in improving road safety, according to Michelin's head of car marketing Jianni Geras.

Mr Geras made the comments in the wake of figures that showed over half a million winter tyres had been purchased from the firm in 2011.

Speaking in The Staffordshire Sentinel, he noted that his figure was up nearly 50 per cent on the sales witnessed in 2010.

This echoed gains seen in comparison to the number of tyres sold in 2009, with today's numbers almost four times that seen three years ago.

Speaking to the newspaper, Mr Geras said: "This increase in the sales of cold weather tyres marks a real change in motorists' behaviour.

"Drivers appear determined to avoid the chaos of losing grip on icy or snow covered winter roads."

The comments highlighted the difficult road conditions faced by drivers during the winter months.

Prior to any trip in a car over the period, drivers must ensure tyres are checked before departing.

Anyone keen on winter tyres should also seek out an ATS Euromaster for a professional fitting service that maximises driver safety.

A recent global survey from Hankook tyres showed that around 35 per cent of drivers fail to regularly check their compounds.

Posted by Danielle Barge