Michelin claims low pressure tractor tyres offer fuel savings

8th August 2012

Scientists at the research and development facility behind Michelin Tyres have claimed a major breakthrough in compound design that could have far-reaching benefits for agricultural vehicle users.

These researchers have trialled a new type of tractor tyre which can operate at very low pressure which equates to a saving of around 20 per cent in fuel costs.

The tests took place using a pair of Fendt tractors at the Merrist Wood College in Guildford Surrey.

In this instance, the two vehicles made two passes in the field. First time round, XeoBib Michelin tyres inflated to conventional pressures were used while the second employed lower- pressured XeoBib compounds.

To simulate high-torque, the first tractor was connected via a sling to the second – creating a constant tractive force of around 5,000 kg in the process while measuring tubes were used to measure fuel consumption.

Researchers found that the reduced-pressure tyres benefitted from more flexible side walls which allow the contact patch of the compound to spread, reducing slippage and increase speed in the process.

Michelin Product Marketing and Technical Manager in the UK, . Laurent Mozziconacci,: "Observing how much diesel remains in each measuring tube after the two runs paints a very clear picture of just how much farmers could be saving on fuel, even before we calculate the exact fuel saving."

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Posted by Danielle Barge