Michelin hybrid tyres gaining traction

15th April 2013

Michelin’s hybrid tyres, a cross between a traditional intermediate tyre and a full slick, have recently been tested on the race track. Both the Audi and Toyota teams at the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), held on Saturday, April 13th, chose the hybrids for their racing cars. The tyres have not appeared in motorsport since Le Mans 2012.

The hybrid tyres are a tread-less intermediate available only for LM P1 prototypes. The innovative tyres are ideal for damp and wet conditions, but perform well even on patches of dry asphalt.

Mixed weather allowed the tyres to shine, helping Toyota place first at the qualifying race.

Michelin’s hybrid creation was developed by engineers in an effort to optimise the operating window of its endurance tyres, allowing them to perform in a broad spectrum of conditions and temperatures.

The hybrids are the result of Michelin’s long term research into the development of versatile tyres.

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Posted by Danielle Barge