Michelin launch latest winter tyres

29th February 2012

Michelin have unveiled the latest edition of its popular winter tyres range, likely to prove popular over the coming cold months.

The new version of the Latitude Alpin SUV and Pilot Alpin UHP winter tyres are set to arrive in Europe at the beginning of May.

These latest Michelin tyres are already generating a buzz in the motoring industry too, with  the manufacturer promised compounds providing "unparalleled results in terms of safety, mobility and longevity."

The Pilot Alpin tyres are set to be made available in two variants with an asymmetric aftermarket orientated tread compound alongside a specially N-rated directional Porsche design.

Motorists will also be eager to learn that the new compounds will come in a range of sizes for fitments of 21 inches in diameter and below.

These new compounds could prove popular in the UK, where winter tyres have seen a significant increase in sales levels in recent months.

Statistics produced by Michelin in January revealed that 500,000 winter compounds had been sold in the UK this winter, with that figure growing since.

Posted by Danielle Barge