Michelin: New EU tyre labeling could cover more

28th June 2012

A key representative of Michelin tyres has criticised the new European Union tyre labeling plans being introduced later this year.

The new rules are set to come into force from November, which will see all compounds required to adhere to a series of regulations governing new tyres.

However, according to a report from Honest John, Gary Guthrie, Michelin Group vice president of marketing for  car and light truck tyres, has been quoted as calling for improvements to the soon-to-be-introduced rating system.

Speaking at a conference in Stockholm, Mr Guthrie said: "The new tyre labelling regulations cover wet braking distances, fuel efficiency and road noise, all of which are worthwhile.

"But it would have been even more beneficial to the consumer if they had also covered dry road braking distances, tyre life, wet handling and comfort."

Under the new system, tyres will be provided with a grade from A (most efficient) to G (the least), across the previously outlined regulations.

The Michelin tyres chief's comments are not the first criticism of the new system, with CFC Solutions managing director Neville Briggs previously warning the changes could affect haulage firms' buying habits.

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Posted by Written by Danielle Barge