Michelin reveals Premier A/S all-season tyre

23rd January 2014

Michelin has launched a new tyre compound that maintains a high level of performance even as tread levels on the tyres wear down.

As tyres age, the compound becomes harder and the grooves cut into the tyre wear down to a narrower section. As a result of these issues, tyres can lose grip and performance over time, making them more dangerous to drive on.

However, Michelin tyres has created the Premier A/S all-season compound, which aims to limit the impact of ageing on performance.

The manufacturer used tried and tested methods, which it has trialled on the company's range of trucks, to keep the tyre flexible and provide consistent grip.

The new tyres are made with high levels of silica and sunflower oils. The silica is used to provide bonding strength and adherence to improve grip, while the sunflower oil improves low-temperature grip.

Michelin has claimed that worn Premier A/S tyres have a shorter wet braking distance than other new tyres on the market at the moment. The company also boasts that wear rates and overall grip levels are undiminished.

Wet grip is maintained with inverted vee-shaped rain grooves on the tread, so that as the tyre wears the rain grooves grow. There are more than 150 additional grooves hidden in the rubber, which become exposed as the tyre wears and help to maintain the water-clearing performance.

Currently, Michelin will only be offering the Premier A/S tyres in the US, where all-season tyres are popular in states that are affected by snow regularly.

Another Michelin tyre that offers high levels of grip on wet and dry roads is the Michelin Energy Saver, which is complete with the asymmetric tread pattern that helps to move water away from the surface of the tyres.

The compounds also offer low fuel consumption and low rolling resistance and have been developed for the drivers of hybrid and fuel-efficient passenger cars.

Posted by Danielle Barge