Michelin tyres plant reduces energy consumption

23rd December 2011

The Michelin tyres plant in Dundee has received a welcome boost after the firm revealed it had reduced its annual energy consumption levels.

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important consideration among UK businesses, with consumers turning more towards those companies that work toward reduced carbon emissions.

All of which makes news of the reduction music to the ears of Michelin bosses, who previously announced a major investment in the Dundee plant as part of a consolidation of its business.

According to the figures, Michelin was able to cut 1,500 MWh from the factory’s annual energy consumption thanks in part to some major changes at the plant.

These included the installation of a new cooling tower to help process water and the introduction of AC drives at the site.

Mike Barklie, control techniques project manager, said: “I measured actual cooling requirements and realised that there were further potential savings to be made by putting in variable-speed drives to match the supply of cooling water to demand.

“It was a major investment, but we have achieved a tremendously successful result that has a return on investment of less than three years.”

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Posted by Danielle Barge