Michelin tyres top in fleet tyre test

Michelin tyres 15th June 2012

New data has highlighted the excellent longevity provided by Michelin tyres when used on a Ford Focus and compared with rival compound brands.

The information was provided to the tyre manufacturer to aid its on-going performance assessment, with the fleet firm in question keen to remain nameless because of commercial sensitivities.

They recorded every tyre change mileage on its vehicles over the past six years, releasing the data related to its most commonly-used car, the Ford Focus, to the compound firm.

According to the mileage data provided, 4,000 front and 1,300 rear tyres were removed over that period. The data revealed that in terms of longevity, the 205/55 R 16 V Michelin tyres outperformed competitor brands on the Ford Focus.

An average tyre of this type enjoyed mileage of 27,036 – some way ahead of its nearest rival.

Michelin's product marketing manager Steve Dolby welcomed the detailed tyre analysis and the important role it could have in feeding back into the company's work.

"This data is also important as longevity is not something that will be included under the new tyre labelling legislation," he said.

"We encourage all fleets to look at their own data and monitor tyre mileage performance because it helps them make a more informed choice based on long-term value."

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Posted by Danielle Barge