Michelin tyres ‘virtually eliminate tyre-related downtime’

7th November 2012

A device which allows a company to alter its fleets' tyre pressure at the touch of a button has nearly stopped breakdowns altogether.

Michelin's Tireboss Central Tyre Inflation (CTI) system allows drivers at haulage company Sheffield & Co to change the pressure on their trucks and trailers by as much as 85psi.

John Sheffield, Sheffield & Co's boss, explained that there is a significant cost involved if one of the company's vehicles breaks down in a forest as they have to call out an engineer to fix it.

"We were losing a lot of time before we began working with Michelin on CTI systems and new tyre sizes.

"The change to Michelin's products has virtually eliminated tyre-related downtime for our fleet, despite the fact we spend so much time off-road", he said.

Mr Sheffield said that the Michelin tyres they are now using are lasting a lot longer than the previous brand, and he suggested that despite being more expensive initially, they are paying for themselves in the long run.

"I always say a cheap tyre is only cheap when you purchase it. If you have a problem, then it becomes an expensive tyre", he said.

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Posted by Danielle Barge