New Michelin tyres roll on to the market

6th March 2012

A new set of Michelin tyres has been unveiled, with the new compounds set to promote energy efficiency alongside improved driving range.

The new tyres have been produced to complement the arrival of the new Renault Zoe.

Dubbed the Michelin Energy E-V tyres, these latest compounds are the result of four years of research and innovation by Renault and the French compound maker.

The result is the new tyre design, which has been built to fit 15 and 16-inch wheels and will come as standard in all Renault Zoe models.

These new designs have been formulated using a special kind of rubber that does not heat up as much when driving – resulting in a reduction in overall energy consumption.

With tyres accounting for around 30 per cent of energy consumed by an average vehicle, this represents a major step forward for Michelin.

Meanwhile the rubber used in the contact patch of the compound actually heats up quickly once brakes are applied.

This results in a shortening of braking distances and with it improved handling and drivability.

In near-urban use, for example, the Michelin Energy E-V tyres can increase the Renault ZOE's range by up to six per cent depending on the type of use.

Posted by Danielle Barge