Radian Services choose ATS Euromaster for their fleet

16th April 2013

Radian Services have joined forces with ATS Euromaster to upgrade tyres for their 160-van fleet. The announcement comes after a tyre framework agreement was reached through government procurement services (GPS).

The fleet is used by housing group Radian’s maintenance team, which includes a range of tradesmen from gardeners to carpenters, groundsworkers and plumbers. Together, the servicing staff look after 18,000 homes owned by Radian. They are situated in the south-east, with properties spread throughout several southern counties in Britain.

Radian stated that ATS Euromaster, whose headquarters are located in Birmingham, are ideally situated to support the fleet.

It was ATS Euromaster who informed the housing group of the GPS scheme, demonstrating how Radian could use its collective buying power to supply premium tyres for the fleet.

Radian was convinced by their proposal and adopted a 100 per cent Michelin replacement tyre policy. In addition, all service work on the vehicles will be completed by ATS Euromaster. Radian is grateful for the recommendation, as Ms McIndoe stated: “We also really value the honest approach ATS Euromaster brings to supporting our fleet. It was on their advice that we could access the GPS scheme and buy the Michelin tyres at such a competitive price”.

The housing group now seeks to maximise effectiveness of their servicing team by minimising disruptions caused by road issues. “My primary aim is to minimise downtime as the vans are one of the teams’ main tools for working efficiently," said Ms McIndoe. She is confident ATS Euromaster’s expertly trained, experienced mechanics can help resolve this problem. “Our team covers a wide territory,” Ms McIndoe said, “so I am safe in the knowledge that in the event of a tyre issue, their experienced technicians will get my drivers back on the road with the minimum of fuss”.

Radian’s fleet spend a lot of time on the road, traveling from property to property, so premium tyres are required to provide necessary durability and resistance to wear and tear. Michelin’s top-range tyres increase safety, service intervals, and resistance to punctures and damage.

If you need tyres for your fleet, choose trusted tyre expert ATS Euromaster.

Posted by Danielle Barge