Why choose winter tyres from Michelin?

Why choose winter tyres from Michelin? 27th August 2014

With winter fast approaching, you may be thinking about changing to winter tyres to ensure you stay safe on the roads. A brand like Michelin has a reputation for providing some of the best tyres on the market. The question is, how does its winter range stack up and is it worth choosing them?

The range of cold weather tyres from Michelin includes the Alpin, Pilot Alpin and Primacy Alpin for regular cars. For 4x4s there is the Latitude Alpin and the Latitude Alpin HP. There is also the Agilis 51 Snow Ice and Agilis Alpin if you need a set for your van.

Michelin is known to provide peak performance, particularly as it has a history of manufacturing tyres for motorsports. As such, it transfers some of the advantages of these to road tyres and this performance is also reflected in the winter variants.

Experts and consumers alike have found that winter tyres from Michelin have excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, which is important when it is uncertain which you will face in winter. As is to be expected from a premium tyre range, Michelin cold weather tyres also tend to wear fairly well so they should be able to last for a number of winters to come.

Consumer magazine Which? also tested a range of winter tyres in 2012 and awarded the Alpin A4 and the Alpin PA3 the 'best buy' award.

The reason why they gained these awards was due to the high standard at which they operate when driven on snow, ice and in wet conditions.

It was found that the Alpin A4 performed well in all aspects, while the Primacy Alpin PA3 showed Michelin's skill at designing tyres that are not too susceptible to wear and tear while remaining the best in class.

If you are interested in getting a set of cold weather tyres from Michelin for this winter then check ATS Euromaster for a set that suits you and travel to your nearest centre to have them fitted.

Posted by Danielle Barge