Mike Penning targeting careless drivers

14th June 2012

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning has announced a new series of proposals for consultation today (June 14th) that will actively target careless drivers in the UK.

The changes could see fixed penalty notices made available for those motorists guilty of careless driving, allowing the police to exercise greater flexibility when dealing with less serious offences.

It is hoped that the introduction of fixed penalties will also allow police to offer more educational training to offending motorists as an alternative to endorsement.

Mike Penning said:"Careless driving is a major public concern and a cause of deaths and injuries on our roads.

"These changes support both police enforcement and, for some cases, the associated offer of educational training for motorists unaware of the full, potential consequences of driving carelessly."

A proposed penalty of £90 and three points on the driver's licence has been put forward as the potential punishment for careless driving, with more serious examples still going to court, where charges may be higher.

The consultation is also calling for the introduction of higher penalties for offences including using a mobile phone while driving, failing to wear a seat belt and speeding.

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