Millions of road users never look at Highway Code after passing test

Millions of road users never look at Highway Code after passing test 13th October 2015

Millions of British drivers are not keeping in touch with their safety procedures, and could potentially be putting themselves and other drivers at risk of collisions by not being aware of the Highway Code, it has been revealed. 

There are many safety procedures that need to be carried out for any driver, from general maintenance such as knowing when to have new tyres fitted to keeping up to date with the latest changes to regulations and rules on the road. 

However, as many as 77 per cent of drivers on British roads have admitted that in the years since they passed their driving test, they have never even set eyes once on the Highway Code. 

As a result, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has said it is to start a new campaign to raise awareness of the issue, targetting motorists via the ever-popular method of social media. 

While drivers may not be tempted to open the pages of the Highway Code, the agency is hoping that people will follow its Twitter and Facebook feeds, where it will be giving updates and reminders on rules and road craft. It is hoped that this tactic will help make the UK roads safer than ever before. 

At the moment, the DVSA said it has some 38,000 and 50,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter respectively, but it wants to improve this in the next few months as it puts its focus on educating and informing people who link with it online. 

It also said that of those who are already involved in its social media campaign, it has already seen an improvement in driving ability. As many as 63 per cent of those who have already been receiving updates from the DVSA on social media said they have changed the way they drive as a result of what they've been told. 

Nine out of ten drivers also said that they found the updates to be so useful that they would encourage friends and family to sign up as well. 

Posted by Danielle Barge