Missing a service could leaves tyres at risk, warns MB&G

7th February 2012

Motorists must ensure cars over three years old undergo regular services to check for damage to tyres and car parts like exhaust systems, according to MB&G.

The warranty experts highlighted the dangers of avoiding a service warning that failure to book cars in for regular checks could cost over £2,200 over its life.

They believe that an annual service not only helped motorists avoid potentially expensive problems but also means they can sell cars quicker and for more money.

MB&G believe that more drivers should treat check ups like an annual MOT check, despite the lack of legal requirement.

In particular the firm focused on four main categories that a car service can monitor.

Wheel alignment should be checked to avoid unnecessary wear on tyres while servicing the driveshaft of the car could help reduce major vehicle costs.

In either instance, notable damage could lead to bills of up to £600 each for repairs.

Oil levels are another important consideration, with failure to check engine oil often resulting in repair costs of up to £1,000. Finally, the regular monitor of a car's engine is a simple way of reducing major motoring problems.

Allan Simpson, MB&G’s claims manager, said: “We understand that drivers are looking to save money where they can, and although they may think they are saving by not servicing their car, they could be in for a nasty surprise a few months down the road."

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