More drivers now favour sat navs over maps

More drivers now favour sat navs over maps 8th September 2015

It seems that the days of sitting in a car on a long journey with a passenger beside you hidden by a huge road map may be a thing of the past, with a new report stating that the majority of British drivers now prefer to use a sat nav to find their way. 

For the first time, the Department for Transport's national survey shows, the number of drivers who are using a sat nav has surpassed half of all drivers. Some 52 per cent said they now use them, which was up four per cent when compared to the same time just a year ago. 

The department said this marks a large increase in just a few short years. Even as recently as 2009, fewer than a third of all drivers said they used a sat nav on the road, which was markedly lower than the number in 2015. 

And it seems that sat navs are even becoming an important factor in deciding what kind of car Brits want to buy. It was found in the survey that as many as 12 per cent of all drivers now use a built in sat nav system that came with their vehicle. 

Portable systems are still the more popular option, however, with some 40 per cent of all motorists saying that they favour this type of device. 

While sat navs can be very useful tools for helping drivers find their way to their destination, however, drivers are still advised to make sure they remain as safe as possible and do not let their sat nav distract them from the road. 

Charity Brake said in its own recent survey that as many as seven per cent of people in the UK have been distracted at some point by their devices, leading to a near miss in many cases. 

Gary Rae, Brake's campaigns manager, said it's important for drivers to simply remember that their sat nav is supposed to be a guide, as opposed to a device used to make every single decision on the road for them. 

Posted by Danielle Barge