More should be done to keep dangerous drivers off the road

24th April 2013

More than 8,000 male drivers in the UK are still driving despite having 12 points or more on their license, according to the DVLA.

The limit for license points is 12, meaning a huge percentage of British men are falling foul of the law. Even those with 25 to 36 points are still driving.

Currently, a man from Warrington has the greatest amount of points, at a shockingly high 36.

Institute of Advanced Motorists’ chief executive, Simon Best, said: “Law abiding drivers will be shocked that so many drivers are on the road who have more than 12 points. The ‘totting up’ principle is supposed to give a simple four strikes and you are out message. Anything more than this should be a disqualification, unless there are the most exceptional circumstances”. He suggested tighter regulations and stricter punishment to get chronic offenders off the road.

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