More UK families opting for caravans and motorhomes

27th June 2013

When money is tight, families will look to stay within the country when they are planning summer holidays. Which is why demand for caravans and motorhomes is on the rise this year.

According to British Car Auctions (BCA), there has been significant interest in caravans and motorhomes at its twice monthly sales at Measham auction centre.

Its most recent auction in June attracted 250 bidders to the centre and a further 200 online. Of the 111 vehicles that were on offer, 109 sold and the BCA made a turnover of £900,000. Additionally all of its Black Horse Finance caravans and motorhomes sold on the day.

Speaking on the particularly high success that the BCA's sales have had recently, spokesman Tim Naylor said: "Buyers are competing very strongly across the board and values are routinely exceeding guide prices – often by a considerable margin."

"This ties in with recent reports that many families are considering staying in the UK and taking short breaks this year.  No doubt many see a caravan or motorhome as a good value investment for this year’s holiday."

However, holidaymakers won't be going anywhere unless they know their tyres are in good condition. Caravan and motorhome owners are advised to check their tyres before they head out on their travels.

Particularly when buying a caravan or motorhome second hand, there is a worry that the previous owner has neglected their old vehicle, particularly when it was not being used during the low season, and buyers should endeavour to check this before they make a purchase.

Ensuring that tyres are inflated is the first step as well as ensuring that the sidewalls of the tyres are in good condition and the tread depth is at least 1.6 millimetres. Furthermore, it is recommended that tyres more than several years old should be replaced.

If in doubt, taking a caravan or motorhome to have its tyres checked by a technician will reduce the chances of a breakdown or accident when the owner goes on their summer holiday.