Most drivers opposed to plans to switch off road lights

13th December 2011

Ensuring you have well maintained tyres and brake pads can go a long way towards improving confidence on the roads during winter.

But as the sun sets earlier and temperatures drop, it can often be hard to see, especially when it is raining, snowing or foggy.

So it is not surprising that the majority of drivers strongly oppose street lights switched being switched off on UK roads after midnight.

With the shortest day of the year (December 21st) rapidly approaching, has published research suggesting that 67 per cent are against the light switch off, which has occurred on roads including motorways since 2010.

The research suggests that 46 per cent worry about not being able to see clearly, while 47 per cent are less confident driving in the dark.

Julie Townsend, campaign director of road safety charity Brake, said: "Street lights are an important safety feature on our roads, so it's not surprising so many drivers are worried about them being switched off.

"There may be fewer vehicles about at night, but when driving in the dark it's harder to spot other road users and potential hazards and you're more likely to encounter dangers like people drink driving."

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