Motoring costs cut into Sunday roast

4th September 2012

The increasing cost of running a car is impacting on family get-togethers, new research from Hyundai suggests.

Some 60 per cent said they had turned down a classic Sunday roast due to motoring prices, while 30 per cent of respondents said they can't afford to visit their parents any more.

Even more dramatic is the ten per cent who stated they would consider ditching family visits over Christmas to save their money.

The study found the average family spends £756 travelling just over 1,000 miles to visit relatives.

With the cost of fuel having ratcheted up by 53 per cent over the last five years, the onus on drivers to ensure their car's tyres and other component are fuel efficient is stronger than ever.

"Fuel economy is really important to Hyundai and lots of work goes into the continual improvement of the efficiency of our products, which should help keep family ties strong," said Tony Whitehorn, president and CEO of Hyundai UK.

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