Motorist paralysed after driving on part worn tyres

9th August 2012

A motorist who was paralysed following a serious car accident that occurred when he was driving on part worn tyres has called on drivers to think twice before purchasing second hand compounds.

Tyne and Wear resident Keith Johnston is only able to move his arms and neck following the horrific smash which occurred back in February 2012 when his car lost control going round a bend in freezing conditions.

None of the four passengers in his automobile were injured but Mr Johnston was left paralysed after the crash. An examination of the car soon uncovered the root cause of the crash, with the back two compounds found to have an illegal tread depth – despite only being purchased a few months ago.

Mr Johnston had always purchased part worn tyres for his car, which he replaced every month. However, he was relatively unaware of the dangers associated with buying these second hand compounds.

“I thought I was saving money with part worn tyres but I’ve paid a terrible price,” he said.

“If I knew then what I know now, I would never have bought part worn tyres."

His story was highlighted by road safety group Tyresafe, which is calling on motorists to fork out for new tyres now rather than end up paying a heftier price later.

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