Motorist survey reveals north-south divide in garage service quality

12th March 2012

You may want to get your tyres checked up north, after a survey from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)-backed Motor Codes uncovered a potential divide in the quality of garage service received.

The body, which governs the codes of practice for the car industry, revealed the contrast after releasing information about the calls it receives to its advice line.

According to the figures, nearly one-third of all cases opened by the body regarding car servicing and repair came in London and the south-east.

In comparison, just two per cent of consumers using garages in the north-east called to register a complaint, highlighting the potentially good service they are enjoying in the north.

The information could have motorists thinking twice before booking in at MOT test centres down south, with a trip up north potentially bringing better results.

In the meantime though, Motor Codes managing director Chris Mason called on drivers to ensure garages providing good services and MOT check facilities received the recognition they deserved in the firm's Garage of the Year contest.

Reviewing the figures, Chris Mason, Motor Codes managing director, points to the importance of voting in the garage of the year award to highlight good practice.

"Our Garage of the Year initiative will help show people where to go for first-class, OFT-approved service and we encourage you to go online and vote for your garage," he said.

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