Motorists’ bugbears revealed

26th September 2013

A new study conducted by GEM Motoring Assist has revealed just how frustrated drivers are becoming with the behaviour of others on the road.

Unsurprisingly, tailgating and failing to indicate were named as the top two annoyances for motorists on the UK roads.

However, for many respondents to the survey, the fact that drivers committing these offences are not punished for them is just as frustrating.

GEM's chief executive, David Williams MBE, said: "Without enough traffic police officers addressing habits such as tailgating and not indicating, bad driving practice is seemingly starting to become more common.

"Even though minor motoring misbehaviour seems less serious than certain other driving offences, it can be as equally dangerous."

The top five irritants were rounded out by drivers not using the lanes on the motorway correctly, vehicles cutting in to a line of traffic and motorists driving well below the speed limit.

Lorries slowly overtaking on the motorway, drivers not thanking other road users and people stealing car parking spaces were also mentioned as bugbears.

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