Motorists in the dark over tyre labelling

3rd January 2013

New EU tyre labelling regulations have passed by the attention of almost two-thirds of motorists, a recent survey has shown.

The regulation that came into effect on November 1st 2012 has three different ratings for tyres: fuel efficiency, wet grip and external noise. However, the study by Continental found that 70 per cent of people were unaware of these categories and their meanings.

The study also found that the labelling could be confusing, with a fifth of respondents thinking one of the labels was supposed to tell the consumer how many miles the tyres would last.

Brand manager at Continental tyres Peter Robb said: “It’s the biggest thing to happen to the industry for quite a while and it seems to be passing a few people by.”

Mr Robb did point out though, that as the labelling has only been introduced in the past few months, and with people not looking at the market for new tyres on a regular basis, it could be a few years before awareness is at a higher level.

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