Motorists must ‘brush up’ on road sign knowledge

6th March 2012

Peter Rodger, the Institute of Advanced Motorists chief examiner, has called on drivers to ensure their knowledge of UK road signs is up to date in order to avoid problems.

Road signs can often warn drivers of difficult conditions ahead, with factors like pot holes, new road surfacing or other dangerous hazards all common across the UK.

Failure to read and assess the practicality of continuing your journey can often result in damage to tyres or even exhaust systems as a result of loose road surface materials.

Mr Rogers said: "Road signs are often seen as one of those things you only learn for your driving test.

"While you might not know what each and every sign means, it's always good to brush up on them from time to time. Understanding them can make things a lot less stressful," he added.

The comments come as the IAM launches its latest website, which is set to provide traffic updates, weather forecasts and advice on using winter tyres and other safety features.

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