Motorists reveal their biggest car buying regrets

buying a car 20th December 2011

Buying a used car can often represent excellent value for money compared to paying the premium for a new vehicle, particularly if you purchase a new set of budget tyres online to save even more.

But a new survey by Manheim Motors has highlighted the dangers for those who choose to buy a used vehicle without fully checking it out beforehand.

The research, which compiled a list of motorists' biggest regrets, revealed that nearly a third are most rueful about buying an unreliable car, with 24 per cent claiming they've bought a car that has broken down soon after.

Nearly 15 per cent regretted a purchasing decision because they felt it was too expensive, while 11 per cent went so far as to admit they had paid too much for their vehicle.

"Research is key to buying any car, as is buying from a reputable source whether it is an auction, car supermarket or dealer," said Andy Cullwick, head of marketing at Manheim Auctions.

Some three per cent even admitted to regretting the colour of the vehicle they bought, but only two per cent were concerned that a vehicle did not turn out to be as environmentally-friendly as they had thought at the time.

Posted by Danielle Barge