Motorists should consider used car warranties to avoid high tyre costs, says expert

23rd January 2012

UK motorists purchasing second-hand cars should always ensure they purchase a warranty to avoid the expense of new tyres or brake discs that can be worn down.

That is according to Mondial Assistance automotive director Lee Taylor, who pointed to the benefits of purchasing a used car warranty.

Cover plans can help to subsidise and cover the cost of fitting tyres or replacing exhausts that can occasionally turn faulty in used cars.

Mr Taylor explained that many drivers opt out of warranties because they view their car as either too old or with too many miles on the clock.

However, he argued that many firms now provide these services at an affordable price, which is key in the current economic climate.

“At a time when we all need to take a belt and braces approach to managing our finances, motorists should seriously consider the value of a used car warranty," he said.

The comments come as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents calls on drivers to refresh their knowledge of the highway code in a bid to reduce serious road accidents.

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