Motorists should prioritise tyres for long journeys

2nd May 2013

May is a popular time for travelling, with its two bank holidays and generally mild weather. However, motorists are being warned about the consequences of carelessness as they prepare to hit the road. TyreSafe has recently launched a road safety campaign, aimed especially at the UK’s 650,000 caravan and motorhome owners.

“Spring time is an especially popular time for caravan and motorhome owners to take to the roads but it’s important that before setting off, they make some critical checks,” said TyreSafe chairman, Stuart Jackson. A number of tyre-related issues can arise if drivers don’t properly prepare for long road trips. Mr Jackson said problems could, at best, “see them stranded by the roadside, potentially spoiling a well-earned weekend away, or at worst cause more serious injury and damage".

Tyre pressure is especially important, as it affects vehicle handling, manoeuvrability, grip and fuel efficiency. If tyres are left under-inflated for an extended journey, excessive wear and tear can happen, creating a buildup of friction and heat which could cause a blowout – the last thing you want on a recreational trip.

Caravan owners must remember to check pressure on their tow car’s tyres as well. Motorists should start with a visual inspection, paying particular attention to the sidewall of the tyre. Scan the tyres for embedded debris, and look for excessively worn tread. Remember that to meet legal requirements, tread depths must be 1.6 millimetres thick across three quarters of the tyre all the way round.

By taking just a few minutes to check tyres before travelling, motorists can save themselves from a number of problems on the road, as well as protect their precious cargo. “If you’re not confident of what to look for or in any doubt then we’d advise you to visit your local tyre dealer and seek some professional assistance,” said Mr Jackson.

Before you take off for your trip, visit your local ATS Euromaster. There, a trained eye will carefully inspect your tyres to ensure your safety on the road, making sure you make the most of your holiday.