Motorists slapped with over £200 of fines for balding tyres

2nd May 2012

Car owners received another timely reminder of the importance of regularly checking their car tyres, after a UK motorist received over £200 worth of fines for driving on bald compounds.

Imran Iqbal, from Dudley in Birmingham, received a fine of £135 from the Magistrates Court along with £80 bill for police costs and a £15 victim surcharge, as well as receiving penalty points on his driver’s license.

According to the Dudley News, Mr Iqbal incurred the fines after being caught driving his Volkswagen Golf on September 9th 2011 with the tread on his two front tyres well below the legal limit.

The case comes as compound safety charity Tyresafe called for motorists to ensure they fully inspect their car’s wheels before setting off for the long bank holiday weekend.

UK law currently dictates that all tyres must have a tread of at least 1.6 millimetres across the central three quarters of the compound.

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