Motorists spend 58 working weeks in traffic, according to Continental Tyres survey

16th January 2012

The average UK driver will spend 58 working weeks not moving in traffic throughout their lives, according to a survey by Continental Tyres.

The Continental Tyres research, showed that this adds up to over 100 million lost working days each year for around 18 million workers who commute to work by car.

Based on an average working commute of 28 miles, Continental deduced that a typical journey to work and home takes 41 minutes, with 12 minutes lost in traffic.

This equates to around 5.5 working days lost every year for the average driver or 58 working weeks during a lifetime.

Speaking about the results, Continental Tyres head of safety Tim Bailey said that despite the figures, "using the car remains the preferred option" for UK drivers.

"People still appreciate the freedom and flexibility of driving and that sets a challenge and an opportunity for manufacturers," he said.

Continental recently won praise from Which? Motoring magazine for its winter tyres, which received best buy status from the publication.

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