Motorists stopped for seatbelt and tyres offences

29th February 2012

An alarming number of motorists have been stopped for not wearing seatbelts and for driving with defected tyres in a recent crackdown.

The checks were undertaken in Bakewell, Derbyshire as part of the latest Operation Safedrive day.

This campaign sees police focus on ensuring drivers are both road safe and legal, with checks taking place last Friday.

Police officers and PCSOs combined for the clamp down, which uncovered a startling number of offences among local drivers.

A total of 11 people were found to be in need of new tyres for instance, with a range of defects cited.

However, according to reports from Bakewell Today, 44 drivers were pulled over for seatbelt offences along with 14 others who were caught using mobile phones.

Speaking to the news provider safer neighbourhood team sergeant Steve Edwards called on drivers to be more aware of "the consequences of driving dangerously".

“People really need to be aware of the serious risks they are taking if they don’t wear a seat belt or use a mobile phone when they should be giving their full attention to the road," he said.

The campaign is the latest clampdown on drivers in the UK, with police in Hull previously uncovering faults with tyres after pulling over 1,383 faulty cars.

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