Motorists ‘tyre-d’ of pothole repair bills in Colchester

14th March 2012

Drivers in Colchester have been frustrated by a series of potholes that have left tyres damaged and repair bills mounting.

The problems relate to a stretch of the Haven Road in Hythe, where potholes led to 11 motorists suffering burst tyres and dented wheel rims.

Speaking to the Essex County Standard, driver Perrie Angus revealed how her encounter with the potholes left her needing two new tyres and wheel rims at a total cost of over £1,000.

“I had two tyres go and only had one spare, so I was stranded," she recalled in an interview with the news provider.

“It was my little brother’s 15th birthday and we had been out to the cinema. It ruined a good night out.”

In previous years, any work undertaken on UK highways would result in major traffic jams as a result of the roadworks being undertaken.

However new measures, unveiled by the Department for Transport yesterday (March 13th), will see utility firms charged extra if their maintenance work goes over the agreed time period for repair, which could boost efficiency.

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