Never mind a bikini body, get your car in shape, says Gem

17th July 2012

Road safety organisation Gem is calling on all drivers to spend less time perfecting their bikini body and more time ensuring their car is in shape for the summer.

While checking tyres is important, the group has provided a top ten of tips to prepare you for driving during the holiday months:

1.      Give your car a diet – Shedding extra pounds by clearing out the boot not only puts less pressure on tyres but also helps the car to run as economically as possible.

2.      Polish and paint – touch up any scratches with a paint job to restore your car's fresh look.

3.      Dimple free – Get any bumps or dents removed to complete the just-bought look.

4.      Wax on, wax off – Taking your car for a luxury wash could be the perfect finishing touch.

5.      Check your reflection – Clean wing and rear mirrors to ensure maximum visibility.

6.      Summer glow – Polish head lamps to maximise use and give the car a fresh look.

7.      Keep hydrated – Keep your fluids topped up! This applies to brakes and engine oil as well as water.

8.      Pack the essentials – Make sure to pack water, a high visibility jacket and hazard triangle as well as a spare tyre!

9.      Don’t forget passports – When driving abroad remember to bring all your important documents.

10.    Fasten seatbelts – Safety is paramount in all driving, so don't forget to strap in.

Gem Motoring Assist chief executive David Williams said: “It is imperative that drivers look after their cars this summer to ensure they run smoothly throughout the holiday season."

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Posted by Written by Danielle Barge