New government must take actions on potholes, say Brits

New government must take actions on potholes, say Brits 14th April 2015

It seems that there's no clear leader when it comes to the upcoming general election, but with only three weeks to go until Brits hit the polling stations, it seems that one thing is certain – the majority want the new government to put road safety at the top of its agenda. 

According to the latest survey published by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), the current government has not done enough to address road safety issues, with 50 per cent of drivers agreeing with this notion. 

The number one issue that Brits want to see the new government – whoever it may be – focus on is potholes. Every year, millions of drivers in the UK encounter potholes, with many having suspension damaged or needing to have new tyres fitted as a result of driving over potholes, especially in the months after winter. 

The issue has now become so severe, that there is believed to be a backlog of some £12 billion in repairs in relation to potholes. It's a problem that many Brits want addressed, and 70 per cent of IAM respondents said they want this to be the number one issue for the winner of the general election next month. 

In addition to this, some 64 per cent of people said that they want to see the general level of maintenance for British roads stepped up. Third on the list was the fact that people want to see the number of injuries and deaths on roads reduced drastically. Some 52 per cent said this was a concern for them. 

Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: “No government can be complacent about these figures and we all need to do more to reduce the numbers killed and injured on our roads. 

“Cuts in visible policing and road safety spending have had an impact. While these figures cannot be regarded as a trend, they are a major concern that the new parliament must address.”

Posted by Danielle Barge