New ‘tyre hotels’ allow Brits to prepare for winter driving conditions

7th September 2011

A new network of 'tyre hotels' which will allow British motorists to prepare for winter driving conditions has been launched in the UK.

Tyre specialist ATS Euromaster has created the new storage facilities, enabling drivers to 'check-in' their summer tyres for the winter while they use cold weather tyres.

These 'winter tyres' offer a range of benefits, including improved grip, handling, cornering and reduced braking distances.

Chris Hufflett, ATS Euromaster's group operations director, claimed that it is essential to fit cold weather tyres this winter.

He said: "We have heard the stories about people rushing to buy 4x4s to try and get around in bad weather, but unless they are fitted with cold weather tyres, 4x4s risk being just as susceptible to ice and snow.

"Equipping a car or van with the right tyres can be more effective and a lot cheaper than changing your entire vehicle."

As part of the tyre hotel service, ATS Euromaster mechanics will inspect all stored summer tyres for wear and damage to ensure they are safe to be re-fitted in the spring. 

Posted by Danielle Barge