New tyre labelling system set for November 2012

tryres 9th December 2011

New tyres sold in the UK will require new labelling from November under regulations introduced in the European Union.

The new rules will see all tyres sold require a special label rating system to help consumers choose the most suitable compound for their vehicle.

These new regulations will apply to tyres used in car, sports, van and truck tyres but not any re-treaded, spare, vintage or off-road compounds.

Rolling resistance and wet grip ratings will be displayed using coloured bands ranked from A-G with A ratings providing the best and G the worst.

In the case of wet grip, each grade can make a difference of three to six metres in stopping distance when travelling at 50 mph.

External tyre noise ratings will be measured using a special three sound wave visual rating system with one sound wave representing the quietest and three the noisiest.

The fuel efficiency rating of the tyres can make a difference too, with each grade offering a reduction/increase of 2.5 to 4.5 per cent in fuel consumption, according to reports.

These new ratings have been designed, in part, to highlight the long-term benefits of purchasing premium compounds.

Posted by Danielle Barge