Next generation of cars to embrace technology

8th August 2012

The automobile of tomorrow looks set to embrace a variety of advanced technological devices, with designs such as smart tyres already in production.

According to Harman director of technology Hans Roth, while guidance systems and advanced electronic features may have once belonged to a select few, the passing of time in ushering in a major revolution for road travel.

Mr Roth is one of the ones at the heart of this change, with Harman responsible for the design and manufacture of a wealth of audio and infotainment solutions for the automotive market.

And he believes the best may be yet to come.

"Traditionally, we have seen that features such as navigation and connectivity are typically reserved for premium cars, but this has changed," he said.

"Today's younger generation is placing a big emphasis on contact through social media."

The winds of change have already begun to blow through the automotive industry, with one innovative group of researchers developing new tyres capable of sending messages to the driver informing them of an imminent problem.

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