NPCC begins summer-long crackdown on drink drivers

NPCC begins summer-long crackdown on drink drivers 4th June 2015

The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) has warned drivers against drink driving this summer, as it prepares to launch a new campaign that will see more officers on hand to penalise those who break the law. 

With drink driving currently a hot topic amid the debates about whether the limits in England and Wales should be brought down by nearly 40 per cent to sit in line with those in Scotland, the NPCC wants this summer to represent a period of real pressure on those who do drink and drive. 

Throughout June, police officers will be on hand and better equipped to deal with drink drivers. The NPCC said that as well as the traditional breathalysers used to test for alcohol in someone's breath, new kit will also allow officers to test for cannabis and cocaine as they look to crack down on drug driving. 

The Council's head of road policing Suzette Davenport said that it is vital that the message is driven home to drivers, and particularly young motorists, that this practice can be dangerous. 

Statistics from the organisation showed that last year, some 6.45 per cent of drivers who were pulled over on the road under suspicion of driving under the influence either tested over the limit on the breath test or refused to give a sample. 

English officers and the NPCC will be hoping to see the same sort of results as the crackdown in Scotland has yielded. While there is no doubt that the lower limit, under which one pint can be enough to see someone fail the test, has had an impact, the general work to lower offences and raise awareness has seen incidents fall by 17 per cent in the space of the last six months. 

Road safety charity Brake has also said that it hopes to see fewer people drink driving in the future. Its deputy chief executive Julie Townsend has said that over the course of the last few years, it has become increasingly socially unacceptable for people to commit this offence, which is slowly seeing the number of people risking it falling. 

Posted by Danielle Barge