One in three drivers could face problems in heavy snow, AA reveals

7th December 2011

An astonishing 38 per cent of drivers are completely unprepared for the prospect of driving in heavy snow, a new AA Populus poll has revealed.

The findings came as part of a major survey of AA members asking what they had done to prepare for driving during the cold winter season.

Interestingly the poll found that just four per cent of members polled had purchased winter tyres in preparation for the icy roads while seven per cent of drivers had fitted all season tyres.

Despite this, the number of drivers buying snow chains or snow socks had improved on last year with four per cent of drivers purchasing them as opposed to just one per cent in 2010.

AA members were also better prepared in general terms with 42 per cent of those questioned keeping a shovel, blankets or other useful tools in their car, a figure which was up 39 per cent on last year.

Despite the notable concerns for unprepared drivers, AA head of roads policy Paul Watters was confident that the Highways Agency was more than prepared for the winter weather.

“We know that highway authorities are starting this winter with significantly better grit stocks than the two previous winters and there are also reserve supplies should this winter turn unpleasant," he said.

"We are also more confident that the authorities have more robust winter emergency plans should the worse happen."

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