Over 1 million drivers face expensive breakdown

breakdown 5th January 2012

A large proportion of drivers could be facing an expensive year if their car breaks down, due to the high number purchasing policies that do not include home rescue.

Damage to tyres and exhausts are just some of the problems drivers can encounter on the road, making it crucial to purchase a comprehensive breakdown cover plan.

But figures produced by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) have revealed that four million drivers purchase breakdown cover without home rescue.

This is despite around 40 per cent of these drivers eventually requiring this service.

According to the ETA, this could leave drivers facing a call-out charge of around £100 plus a charge of £1 per mile for the car to be towed.
ETA director Andrew Davis explained that many look to save money by purchasing a policy that excludes home rescue but as this is where most breakdowns occur, they are creating "false economy".

"Suffering a breakdown at home is less traumatic an experience than on a motorway, but it will be far more expensive if you do not have adequate cover," he said.

Performing regular checks on tyres and other external car features like exhausts is an easy way to avoid some breakdowns and any problems can be fixed by a visit to a local garage or tyre supplier.

Posted by Danielle Barge