Parents stressed by kids’ car safety

31st December 2012

When the kids come home from university during the winter break, parents become more stressed when they go out in the car, a study has found.

After questioning parents at the Future Drive Motor Show, results found that 23.1 per cent of parents are the most stressed when their children go out in cars and return late at night.

Being restless and a lack of sleep is often the consequence of waiting to hear that your child has returned home safe, especially when driving on dangerous winter roads.

The results found that this experience was more stressful than actually sending the kids to university in the first place (4.3 per cent), or waiting on exam results (18.3 per cent).

Giles Brown, managing director of the Future Drive Motor Show said: "The joy of being a parent is never ending and in general most parents will feel the return to the torture of sleepless nights is a small price to pay to have their family all under one roof during the holidays."

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Posted by Waiting for the safe return of children more stressful than waiting on exam results