Parish councillor takes on Norfolk potholes

13th September 2012

The town of Dereham in Norfolk enjoyed a dose of hands-on political action recently, as a parish councillor took it upon himself to fill in two "embarrassing" large potholes.

The offending hazards were situated on the main road just outside a pub car park, and had been a thorn in the side of local residents and their tyres for months.

However, local man and chairman of Swanton Morley Parish Council Roger Atterwill decided to face the problem himself and fill in the potholes using crushed rubble and tarmacadam that cost him £50.

"I did this because I was becoming increasingly concerned that a pensioner or anyone else for that matter was going to either damage their vehicle or worse injure themselves," Mr Atterwill explained.

Breckland council, owner of the 448-space car park, stated that the land where the potholes were was privately owned, and as such the damage is not their responsibility.

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