Parking fines on the rise in the UK

23rd September 2013

The number of motorists being issued with parking fines in the UK is continuing to rise, according to the latest figures.

Data published by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) following a Freedom of Information request found that drivers across the UK are now paying more than £30 million a month in Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) collectively.

According to the data, almost 900,000 parking tickets are being issued by councils across the UK every month, which is equivalent to 1,200 an hour. Top of the list is the City of Westminster, where wardens hand out an average of 1,269 parking fines a day.

The FTA said that the data comes as "no surprise", with the organisation's own PCN Survey revealing there has been a 50 per cent leap in the number of penalty charge notices being issued in London.

This jump has led the FTA to call on motorists to identify the various PCN hotspots in the capital and other areas of the country – particularly as one-third of the enforcement authorities were found to account for the vast majority of PCNs issued.

Together, the London Borough of Westminster, London Borough of Camden, City of London and Transport for London are more likely to issue to PCNs to FTA members than other London boroughs, accounting for nearly 80 per cent of all PCNs issued.

The FTA's report explored some key trends in PCNs in relation to key areas such as enforcement authorities, PCN hotspots, whether the fines were issued by CCTV or a civil enforcement officer, contravention codes, appeals and costs.

Natalie Chapman, the FTA’s head of policy for London, said that a "well-targeted and intelligent" approach to appealing unfair PCNs could save motorists hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

"However, in some locations there is simply nowhere for drivers to stop," she said, adding that there is  a need for motorists to improve their understanding of how certain parking restrictions apply in order to escape hefty fines.