Parking space numbers shrinking, warns LV=

13th July 2012

The average amount of space for parking in residential areas in the UK has shrunk by an alarming nine per cent over the past ten years, according to research from LV= car insurance.

According to a new study conducted by the firm, the average motorist has seen the space available for parking near their home decrease by almost a metre from 9.84 metres in 2001 to 8.97 metres in 2011.

The research looked at the number of cars on the road and compared it with the amount of available parking spaces in residential areas, both on and off road over the last decade.

While there are certainly more cars on the road today, with a rise of 15 per cent seen, the space for residential parking has so far failed to keep pace.

Automobiles are also increasing in size, with analysis of the 600 most popular UK models showing the average new car is 15 centimetres longer than one made ten years ago.

John O'Roarke, managing director of LV= car insurance, said:  "Motorists are becoming increasingly squeezed when it comes to parking and in some areas the average space available is only a few centimetres longer than the average car.

"When space is particularly tight, drivers must take greater care when parking to avoid damaging their own car or those around them and risking expensive repairs or a claim against them."

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