‘Pay particular attention to your tyres’ ahead of this winter

17th October 2011

UK motorists have been advised to ensure that their tyres are in good condition ahead of the upcoming winter months.

Simon Elstow, head of training at the Institute of Advanced Motorists' (IAM) Drive & Survive division, urged British drivers to conduct a thorough inspection of their car and pay particular focus to the standard of their tyres.

He said: "Now is the time to give your car a health-check before winter conditions take their toll. Bad weather can strike quickly, and more severely than you expect, so it's really important to be ready.

"Many roads are still pot-holed after last winter so having a well-maintained car, and paying particular attention to your tyres, is going to be extremely important."

The IAM has released a number of tips to help keep drivers safe this winter, such as ensuring windscreen wipers are in good condition and checking all vehicle lights.

Tyres are a key part of road safety and motorists should make sure that their tyres have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm. 

Posted by Danielle Barge