Penning unveils new speed limit guidance

17th July 2012

Revised speed limit guidance designed to help local authorities improve road safety has been published for consultation by road safety minister Mike Penning.

This new guidance offers up-to-date advice to improve the consistency of speed limits on local roads across the UK.

It includes recent changes that have allowed local authorities to implement 20 mph limits and zones where it can be shown that they benefit from road safety and quality of life.

The guidance also provides authorities with information on its new speed limit appraisal tool, designed to help authorities assess the potential impact of any change to speed limit in the region.

Road safety minister Mike Penning said: "It is vital that speed limits are suitable for local conditions and councils are best placed to determine what these limits are, based on local knowledge and the views of the community.

"Road safety is a top priority and the guidance – along with the speed limit appraisal web tool – will help councils make evidence based decisions to introduce local speed limits that reflect the needs of all road users."

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