Pirelli launches new mixed use road and construction tyre

tyres 22nd December 2011

Pirelli has launched a new gravel truck tyre in its Series 1 range.

The G:01 is suitable for mixed use by trucks on roads and in construction and boasts an external layer compound that offers improved resistance against abrasive materials, even wear, high mileage and good grip in both wet and dry conditions.

On the other side, the internal layer has been specially designed to minimise rolling resistance and ensure maximum structural integrity of the tyres at all times.

According to Pirelli, this dual layer formation allows the G:01 to achieve a 30 per cent higher mileage than other tyres.

Neil Booker, truck marketing manager at Pirelli UK, said: "The G:01 range is designed to offer enhanced grip and performance in moderately aggressive conditions.

"It offers better cost efficiency and reduced environmental impact while also benefitting from high acoustic comfort and improved rolling resistance on surfaced roads."

The new launch comprises the FG:01 for steer axles and the TG:01 for drive axles, both of which are available in the sizes 315/80R22.5 and 295/80R22.5

Posted by Danielle Barge